So!Art is an European association for professionals and amateurs , offering educational programmes, training courses, consulting services, workshops and conferences in the spheres of communication, social affairs, culture and intercultural exchange. One of So!Art’s prerogatives is to create socio-cultural projects and promote the exchange of best practice between citizens of the EU countries and non-Member States. The project “Artisans of hope” is aimed at bringing together cross-border experience and socialization, teaching skills relating to independence and physical stimulation for children with neurological and physical disorders. The experience of different countries demonstrates that at present there exist plenty of techniques and programmes to help rehabilitate children’s lost functions owing to neurological disorders. Organizing intensive courses and programmes with international experts is the main aim of the project, initiated by the European socio-cultural association So!Art. Recently, we organised a conference with leading specialists from Hungary, France and Belgium in Perm (Russia) devoted to the principles and methodology of using a conductive pedagogical approach as an efficient way to assist the physical rehabilitation of children with neurological disorders. In addition, consultations with a specialist-conductor (Institute Peto, Hungary) were held at the Perm Rehabilitation Centre.

From September 2015 we organized in Brussels without any subsidies 3 Conductive education sessions (Hungarian method), 4 Medek sessions (Chili),2 Logorhytmic sessions (Russia), 5 Speech therapy workshops (Eastern European countries).

We hope to organise soon other sessions according to international rehabilitation methods.


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Origin of the picture: http://conductivelearningcenter.org


The Artisans of Hope is a project which aims to establish an International Stimulation Techniques platform, which will be located in Belgium, for children and parents who are interested in learning international creative and functional techniques to care for their children with motor disabilities.

The aim of the platform is to facilitate the practice and repetition of daily living skills as well as academic and social skills.  Children will learn how to adapt acquired skills to different situations in their home, school and community.  The peer setting will motivate and encourage the development of speech and language skills in addition to fostering age-appropriate play and interactions.  Parents will also give advice on how their child can apply the abilities which they have picked up to everyday activities, thus promoting a greater independence in their child’s life. Children will learn independence, health, hygiene, and much more.

From September 2015 we organise regular Conductive education sessions with an instructor who is a graduate of the Peto Institute in Budapest to initiate the children to conductive education. This instructor provides kids with cerebral palsy a unique teaching techniques and a fresh perspective as well as teaching the basic conductive education principles. In Conductive Education special furniture and products are used by instructors and are designed and manufactured with the aim of benefiting the development of a child.